The 10 best recipe plugins for Food Bloggers

You publish recipes on your WordPress blog? We have the right plugins for you! Anyone who regularly posts recipes is well advised with a useful WordPress plugin. We introduce you the ten best recipe plugins for foodblogs.

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To publish recipes in WordPress, it does not necessarily need a plugin. However, if you often post recipes, it will be difficult to manage them without a suitable WordPress plugin. In addition, all plugins presented here prepare the metadata of the recipes so that they are displayed correctly in the Google Recipes Search as well as the Pinterest Rich Pin. In addition, all ten plugins are basically free, but some of them also have a paid premium version.

We will introduce you the best recipe plugins with which you keep the overview, prepare your recipes also for the presentation on other platforms and simply integrate them into your WordPress contributions.

1. EasyRecipe

Wordpress Plugin EasyRecipe
The WordPress Plugin "EasyRecipe"
Popular with bloggers Plugin "EasyRecipe" makes it easy to create and manage recipes. You do not need CSS or PHP knowledge, just add your recipe and upload pictures to it. A button for printing the recipe can also be activated.

EasyRecipe is free, but there are also the Premium version EasyRecipe Plus for $ 24.95.

2. WP Ultimate Recipe

WordPress Plugin WP Ultimate Recipe
The WordPress Plugin "WP Ultimate Recipe"
Will also likes to use the WordPress plugin "WP Ultimate Recipe" . It includes a lot of features: you can add photos, add your recipes by shortcode, categorize the recipes with tags, and more. Your readers can select the serving sizes themselves and of course print your recipes. You can learn how to use the plugin by means of numerous videos.

WP Ultimate Recipe is free, premium version is available from $ 74.99.

3. Recipe Hero

WordPress Plugin Recipe Hero
The WordPress Plugin "Recipe Hero"
Another commonly used plugin for recipes is "Recipe Hero" . This plugin integrates a new PostType into your WordPress. Creating a new recipe is like creating a new post. You can specify ingredients, instructions, etc. The presentation of the recipes can be easily adjusted by yourself. In addition, there are several enhancements such as a print button, with which you can configure the plugin to your liking.

Recipe Hero is free.

4. Recipes by Simmer

WordPress Plugin Recipes by Simmer
The WordPress Plugin "Recipes by Simmer"
The WordPress plugin "Recipes by Simmer" allows you to publish recipes. You can drag and drop these into the user-friendly interface. You can personalize the presentation of the recipes. The plugin also provides the ability to use certain data as a widget. You can embed the recipes anywhere and your readers have the option to print them.

Recipes by Simmer is free.

5. Meal Planner Pro Recipes

WordPress Plugin Meal Planner Pro Recipes
The WordPress Plugin "Meal Planner Pro Recipes"
The user-friendly plug-in "Meal Planner Pro Recipes" offers you a great way to publish recipes. You can customize the presentation, simply change the list of ingredients and make use of the print function provided by your prescription with copyright and link. In addition to these standard features, you can also use Meal Planner Pro Recipes to display nutritional values ​​for your recipes.

The "Meal Planner Pro Recipes" plugin is free.

6. WP Recipe Maker

WordPress Plugin WP Recipe Maker
The WordPress Plugin "WP Recipe Maker"
The plugin "WP Recipe Maker" integrates a simple workflow in your WordPress, which easily integrates her recipes in pages and posts. Images can be added to each work step. Users can also print and evaluate your recipes.

WP Recipe Maker is free.

7. Recipe Schema Markup

WordPress Plugin Recipe Schema Markup
The WordPress Plugin "Recipe Schema Markup"
Using the WordPress Plugins "Recipe schema markup" to upload your recipes directly add the WordPress editor - you need to use any separate fields etc.. The presentation of the recipes you can vote on the design of your blog. Your readers can easily print out the recipes and get informed about nutritional values.

The "Recipe Schema Markup" plugin is free.

8. Recipes

WordPress Plugin Recipes
The WordPress Plugin "Recipes"
The plugin "Recipes" integrates its own Post Type for Recipes with matching categories and tags in your WordPress site. You can add ingredients, work steps, a featured image, and much more. To your recipes. Recipes is kept simple and does not bring along a Customizer. You can install it, if necessary.

Recipes is free

9. RecipePress reloaded

The plugin "RecipePress reloaded" adds its own Post Type for Recipes to your WordPress site. You can either integrate your recipes into articles, or publish them as separate content. The desired taxonomies to categorize your recipes, you simply create yourself. Nutritional values ​​can be added. RecipePress reloaded is available in English

The plugin "RecipePress reloaded" is free.
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